Pascley still in the Cards

Alliance, Ohio, three-star receiver Troy Pascley is part of an under-rated and often overlooked Louisville recruiting class. The 6-foot-2, 182-pounder committed to the Cards back in late July and has kind of become a forgotten man since.
"We didn't make the playoffs, unfortunately," Pascley said. "I guess I finished with a pretty good year. I had 35 catches for 882 yards and 11 touchdowns. At cornerback I had four picks for the season."
Pascley said he was recruited by Louisville assistant Paul Petrino. He said the bond with the Cards is still very tight.

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"I'm still committed to Louisville, definitely," Pascley said. "They're having a great year. They didn't expect to lose those two games, but it happens. I'm definitely going to keep working hard and by the time I get down there I plan to at least contribute my first year."
Has there been any second thoughts at all on Pascley's part?
"I started to hear from Ohio State, but I haven't heard anything from them in a while," he said. "Louisville is pretty much the only team I hear from now. I'm definitely going to end up at Louisville.
"My visit is going to be December 9th. I'm going this weekend for an unofficial visit to see them play Syracuse. I can't wait. I want to see the coaching staff again, because I haven't seen them since this summer. And I can't wait to see Louisville play in person, too."
Pascley said he's also improved his game quite a bit – making him an under-ranked three-star prospect.
"I would really say my concentration has improved a lot," he said. "As far as being focused at what I'm doing more and knowing what everyone else around me is doing, too.
"I need to improve in everything. As far as me wanting to be able to play early, I have some goals to make that happen. I just want to get bigger, stronger, faster, and catch the ball better. It's pretty simple, actually."