Parker-Boyd earns first offer

Quarterback Anthony Parker-Boyd just received his first offer of the recruiting season from the ACC. The 6-foot-1, 192-pounder received an offer from Duke.
"It's a pretty big deal, it's my first ever scholarship and that's big for me," he said. "Duke is amazing. They're looking for a guy to show them the way and I'm up for a challenge and that's not a problem for me. From what they've sent the coaches seem very nice and they plan on visiting me in May and I plan to visit them this summer."
What does the first offer mean to him?
"My first offer really shows that my hard work is paying off," he said. "You can't let it get you too big headed though. It's a big thing for me though and something I've been working hard for, for a long time. This puts Duke right up there along with the others, especially for sentimental reasons. They struck first and sometimes the early bird gets the worm."
Parker-Boyd has also received interest from Georgia Tech, Iowa, Pittsburgh, Michigan State and North Carolina. Of his list, North Carolina, Virginia and Michigan State has peaked his interest.
"I'm looking for a team that needs an athletic player and I think they are teams that need a strong player," he said. "Everyone is looking for the showtime guys and not the hard workers."
He went on about North Carolina.
"I was born in North Carolina and that helps a lot," he said. "I've been interested in their program and they've struggled some in the past, but they need someone to step in and step up and help out the team. I like the school too though, because they have a good education and I might major in business or communication. It's also a nice bonus that they are warmer."
Next, he spoke about the Cavaliers.
"They're a great school and I like their defense too since I play defensive back," he said. "But I'm looking to play quarterback and they have a nice offense and their quarterback now is pretty good. I might be able to step in his shoes when he leaves. Virginia also has the kind of coaches I'm looking for, they're no too buddy-buddy with the players and they show patience and loyalty."
Finally, he touched on Michigan State.
"Coach Jeff Stoutland told me he watched my tape and he likes me as a quarterback/athlete," he said. "The atmosphere and their schedules are ridiculous like Hawaii, Penn State and Northwestern and then the in-state rivalry with Michigan, it's crazy. They also said they plan on visiting me in May after spring practice."
Parker-Boyd is currently preparing for upcoming combines including the Nike Camp at Penn State, Adidas Camp at Pittsburgh and the Valley Forge Combine.
"I'm doing track and field and working out with a personal trainer. I'm also throwing the ball 200 times a day," he said. "The work with my personal trainer is focused on my explosiveness, reaction time and core strength. I've seen myself get a lot stronger and my maximum bench is up to 285."
This summer he's going to camp at Iowa and Virginia definitely and maybe Georgia Tech and Penn State.
Parker-Boyd threw for 1,815 yards and ran for 949 yards; he added 34 tackles and five interceptions on defense. He went on to be named offensive player of the year in the SCCO, first team quarterback for the league and third team all-state.