Parker as tight-lipped as ever

Steven Parker has been on record saying he has a top five. The four-star safety also says he doesn't intend to share that list with the world. Not yet, anyway. Nothing on that front has changed. He has his preferences and is enjoying them by his lonesome. Hey, it's a personal preference.
But why all the secrecy? Apparently, people interested in hearing his list can blame a television station.
"I've ran into some media once where I said something to them and they completely twisted my whole story up and said I committed to a school," Parker said. "I think the news down there said that I committed to Oklahoma but I hadn't even talked to Oklahoma in the two weeks prior to that."

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And so Parker has become a vault of sorts. He gives no hints about his list. He's careful not to. Even getting him to discuss a specific school is an ordeal.
"I have a top five but it's more like a top ten because the top five are interchangeable if that makes any sense," Parker said. "I can't even really say who I have been hearing from a lot. It's all equal. I'm just focused on high school football. It doesn't seem like I've really talked to anyone."
The only time Parker even comes close to discussing specific schools is when he's asked which coaching staff he feels the closest with. Even then, though, he's painstakingly careful. For a guy with a rough list of favorites in his mind, the Jenks (Okla.) High School star makes sure to portray the playing field as even.
"I feel real comfortable with the Oklahoma State coaches and … well, actually, I feel real comfortable with all the coaches," Parker said. "I don't really have one favorite coaching staff or anything. I laugh it up with all the coaches and enjoy them."
Parker's timetable is, as you'd expect, loose. He has no set date for a commitment or anything of the sort.
"I'm not sure when I'm going to commit," Parker said. "I thought about before the season a long time ago, but I need more time. It might not be until after the season."
And so, at least for the time being, the secrecy will continue. It's the way Parker likes it. His current top five will remain locked in his head.
"I'll keep it to myself for a little while until I am ready to take my officials," Parker said. "Once I get a top three, it should be out there. I'm not sure. If I have to keep it a secret, I guess that's what I'll do."
As a junior at, Parker recorded 52 total tackles, one sack and three interceptions. He is ranked as the No. 121 overall prospect in the Rivals250 presented Under-Armour.