Palmgren proves he belongs

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Kansas City (Mo.) North Kansas City three-star offensive guard Jayson Palmgren was one of the final players invited to play in the Offense-Defense All-American Bowl. But based upon his play through the week of practice, there's no question he's proving he belongs with the nation's best.
"I've impressed myself," Palmgren, a Missouri commitment, said.
"I've gone out there and done well against the best dudes in the nation. I've probably done the best since I've started to learn the offense. After I learned the offense, I was just driving people everywhere.
"That's what I try to do. I just try to be the most physical and the hardest worker."
His toughness was displayed several times this week, but especially in inside run drills during Tuesday morning's practices.
Linebacker Jermaine Love and Palmgren had another scrum after the whistle today. He got into it with Love earlier this week. Palmgren said it isn't anything more than heavy competition.
"This is just football," Palmgren said. "I was driving him and he got in my facemask. It's not like we didn't shake hands afterwards. It happens."
Palmgren said his main motivation this week is to make his coach, Chad Valadez, happy and proud of him.
"I'm just trying to make my coach look good," Palmgren said. "I've been checking in with him almost every day. He's coming down with our athletic director tomorrow. I think he's going to be really proud of the job I've done."
Palmgren has roomed this week with future teammate and fellow Mizzou commitment Michael Keck.
Even though they're both from Kansas City, neither one of them had really spent a whole lot of time together. That's changed this week as the two have been hanging out like best friends, including a Monday night stop at Hooters near the team hotel.
"He's cool," Palmgren said. "He hits harder than I thought he did. On a counter and I kind of let up a little bit, and he freaking tore up out neck. He's hardcore. I'm glad he picked Mizzou."
Palmgren said he's a solid Mizzou commitment, but he did hint that he did have some second thoughts a few weeks ago when Oklahoma came calling.
"I was talking to Oklahoma and they were like 'We want you to come down the week before Christmas break,.' " he said. "They were going to fly me down there so I could check them out. Then I just thought to myself, 'I gave Missouri my word, and I'm not going to go back on it.' "