Pac-10 team leads for Dozier

Cedric Dozier is keeping all his options open but the Lakewood (Wash.) Lakes prospect said Washington holds a slight edge in his recruitment and his time at the Huskies' junior day last weekend went well.
"Nothing is final for me, I'm definitely keeping my options open but at the same time Washington is at the head of the pack," Dozier said.
"I really vibe with the DB coach, we met in the summer when I went up for the camp. Plus, coach (Steve Sarkisian) is a cool dude. If I had to say anybody was leading it would be UW but I'm going to keep my options open."

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Dozier is a 5-foot-11, 175-pound prospect who plays quarterback in high school but projects as a cornerback or athlete in college. Almost all the schools recruiting him will switch him to a new position and Dozier is starting to realize it might be the best thing moving forward.
No longer is he set on playing quarterback. Cornerback or athlete is starting to sound appealing to Dozier, who threw for 1,1181 yards with 13 touchdowns and seven interceptions last season. He also rushed for 1,223 yards and 17 scores.
"That's what I'm still thinking about," Dozier said. "If I don't grow any more that's going to be a big issue. As far as quarterback, it's more like a high school thing. I like to throw it but I'm thinking more toward the college level. If anything, if I had to choose offense, I'd play slot wide receiver. On defense, I'd play cornerback or safety.
"At first, I took it as an insult. I thought I was a pretty good quarterback, but I woke up to the reality of things. At 5-11, 175 coming into my junior year, that just doesn't seem like it's really happening. Most of the schools are saying cornerback or athlete depending on the system. The quarterback thing I might have to get rid of it."
Washington has offered Dozier, who said he's also hearing from Oregon, Oregon State, Cal, USC, Boise State and others. There is a good chance Dozier will attend camps at Washington and Oregon this summer and an outside shot he'll make it to Cal.
After his weekend visit to Washington, the Huskies are definitely in good shape in Dozier's recruitment. Making up his mind on a position could be the next move. That was the message he received over the weekend.
"I have to have my mind made up to go to (Washington) and earn a position," Dozier said. "It would be on the defensive side of things and once I make my mind up to full play cornerback then the sky is the limit from there."