PA athlete nearing a decision

Athlete Andrew Taglianetti out of Pittsburgh (Pa.) Central Catholic is closing in on a decision. The 5-foot-11, 175-pounder took his first official visit over the weekend, could it be his last?
"I went to Louisville and it was good, real nice," he said. "The coaches did a great job of selling the university and football program, I really liked it.
"I got there on Friday at about three and that night I was introduced to all the coaches. I went through the facilities which are really nice and saw the players work out. On Saturday, I was introduced to the professors who talked about the classes they have. Then I toured the campus and checked out the city. I like the town, it's a great city but doesn't have that big city feel."

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The two-star prospect was hosted on his trip by tight end Pete Nochta.
"He told me a lot about what goes on there, he was a good host."
Of course, Taglianetti also met with the coaches.
"I got to meet Ron English who coached at Michigan and Coach Kragthorpe was a really nice guy," he stated. "He is a players coach. He has that coaching presence since he's a big, tall guy. He's the type of guy you want to play for."
Since he left early Sunday morning, the Pennsylvania athlete didn't get a ton of time with Kragthorpe.
"He tried to meet up with me before I left for the airport at five this morning," he said. "I'm talking to him this week. From what I know, he wants me all over the field possibly at cornerback, wide receiver and on special teams."
Overall, Taglianetti rated his trip a nine.
"It was fun," he said. "My plan is to go to Toledo next week. I'll go there to see what happens.
"This past weekend could be my last visit. Once I talk to Coach Kragthorpe I may make a decision. My pick will be either this week or next."