Overdue first offer comes for 3-star DT

The Dallas (Texas) Skyline program has seen offers pour in for all kinds of 2010 prospects this spring. However, one of the talented program's top players has somehow gone offerless. That is has now changed. Three-star defensive tackle Rodney Williams finally picked up his first offer from Houston.
"Finally," Williams said on Wednesday night. "I found out tonight. I called Coach Jeffcoat from U of H and he told me that they offered me and that I should be getting the paper in the mail by the end of the week."
The offer was a big relief to Williams.
"That's exactly what it is," he said. "I got it off my chest. I wasn't really worried about it but it was nice not to think about it any more."
Though the Houston offer is a big one simply because it is the first, Williams is very interested in the program for more reasons than just that, most notably his recruiting coach.
"I've been watching Houston for a few years so it's a good program," he said. "I think from the outside looking in it's a good program. Playing under Coach Jeffcoat, he's done some things in life as far as football-wise so it'll be real good to learn from him and his experiences and learn from him as a man."
The athletic defender has also been picking up significant interest from within the midland region and west coast alike.
"I talk to Coach Stoops from Arizona," he said. "I know UNLV is interested. I talked to them over the weekend so they're interested. I know Kansas is. I talked to the Kansas coach and I talked to the Tulsa coaches."
With as many prospects as there are at Dallas Skyline, Williams has seen countless coaches come through the halls and practice fields this spring. With his team's final scrimmage on Thursday, the circus is about to come to an end but it is all routine for Williams at this point.
"It's all regular," he said. "You grow to get used to it. It's regular now. All you gotta do is do what your coaches tell you and then everything else will pan out."