OT Ruble previews UMD official

This coming weekend Brock Ruble will be taking his second official visit to see the hometown Maryland Terps. Though this isn't the first time the Hyattsville (Md.) DeMatha standout has been to College Park, he is sure there is more to see.
"I really can't say what I'm expecting this weekend," said the 6-foot-8, 321-pound Ruble. "I've been to Maryland unofficially a few times so I know what to expect on game day. I'm just excited to see what it will be all about. I've been told all officials are different so we'll just have to see what this one is like."
Things are still up in the air as far as where the Terps stand with Ruble.

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"They're another of my top five schools," he said. "They're all in the mix and I'm trying to see which one fits me best."
Usually Maryland commits are good about recruiting other local players but Ruble hasn't heard much.
"I'm from so far down south in Maryland that I don't think a lot of people know me well enough to just pick up their phone and text me," Ruble said. "I really only talk to Coach Edsall, Coach Locksley and Coach Ryan from Maryland."
Ruble has said the he wants to get the recruiting process over as soon as possible.
"I think around the first week of December my parents and I will sit down and think about what we've seen so far," he said. "If I don't know what I'm doing by then I guess we'll keep thinking about it until I know what I'm going to do with my next four or five years. Hopefully we'll figure it all out that first week of December."
Florida State, N.C. State, Ohio State and Tennessee round out Ruble's top five. The Volunteers were originally scheduled to host ruble this weekend but he opted for Maryland instead.
"We're still looking at Ohio State," said Ruble. "We aren't really looking at rescheduling the Tennessee visit."
Ruble has already taken an official visit to Florida State and will be taking one to N.C. State on November 29.