OT Boland is taking visits

North Bethesda (Md.) Georgetown Prep offensive tackle Michael Boland has taken a number of visits in recent weeks. Where has the 6-foot-7, 285-pounder gone and has anyone impressed to date?
"Two weekends ago I was at North Carolina, Duke and NC State, a couple weekends before that I was at Maryland and the week before that at Rutgers," he said. "I really enjoyed all of the visits for different reasons. I was probably most impressed when I went down to NC State. I got to talk to the defensive line oach for awhile and I really liked talking to him.
"It was the same with Duke's running back coach and North Carolina's offensive line coach. He seemed to be really dedicated to North Carolina and UNC was unparalleled."
However, Boland hasn't landed a scholarship and is still waiting.
"For the most part they all said that I have good film and the coaches want to see me at their camp and go from there."
So, has Boland set up camps?
"Yes, I don't have the schedule set in stone, but I know Virginia Tech and Penn State definitely. I think Virginia Tech is the beginning of June and Penn State is the end of June.
"I haven't heard much from Penn State, but Virginia Tech wants to see more explosiveness off the ball. They said my first step was good, but my second step is a bit slow. I worked on that this spring."
Before that, Boland is eyeing a trip on April 17th to Boston College and is considering a visit to Connecticut while he's up north.
With all that said, does Boland like anybody?
"I'd say that North Carolina has probably been the nicest campus I've been to," he said. "I haven't really looked into the majors and that sort of stuff. It's just off of walking around and meeting people. North Carolina had a lot of good stuff and I think a lot of them."