OSU strikes first with Texas TE

It didn't take long for an offer to come for arguably the top tight end in the state of Texas. The 6-foot-5, 245-pound Houston (Texas) Chavez prospect Harold Turnage recently just picked up an offer from a Big 12 school and with the way mail is coming in, he's certainly looking for more.
Though his recruiting interest is big, Turnage says he's not all about the spotlight and making the big play. He just wants to get out there and help his teammates. While coach Danny Palmer tried to get him the ball as much as possible, double-teams were frequent and that had him in more of a blocking role.
Turnage believes that's what led to all the recruiting interest and his first scholarship offer.
"Oklahoma State just came through with the offer," Turnage said. "I got a text message from coach Gunter Brewer and he said it's in the mail. It's exciting, but it surprised me. I didn't think it would be this early."
When the double-teams stopped his frequent catches, Turnage turned over a new leaf in his blocking. That has made him a very versatile player.
"I went to my blocking a lot," Turnage said. "I got my teammates involved more with the ball and that helped the team. I don't care how many catches I get or how many touchdowns I have. As long as the team wins, I'm good."
"I am definitely not a selfish player."
That team attitude has ironically produced his individual honors and the first offer. That has also come with tons of mail.
"Texas A&M, UCLA, Arkansas, Maryland, and a lot of others have sent me mail," Turnage said. "Miami and Florida invited me for their junior day along with Oklahoma State. I'm going to try to get to OSU for that."
Turnage also plans on camping at Texas A&M and taking part at the NIKE Training Camp in College Station. The talented young man will try to make it to several visits before making a decision.
Two of his favorite schools are quite a ways from home so distance is not an issue for him.
"I like UCLA and Maryland," he said. "They use their tight ends a lot, so that's why I really like them."
Oklahoma State's offer though has put them in the mix.
"They've got a lot of recruits coming into their class," he said. "In a couple of years, they're going to be tough to stop."