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OSU - ND battle for Underwood

"He got an offer from Ohio State," defensive back Brandon Underwood's father Rev. Elmer Underwood said. "Coach Heacock called."
"He's going to take his time. But he's real excited about Ohio State's offer. Ohio State has an in with his brother E.J. there. He's very interested in playing with his brother, I'll say that."
"It's probably going to come down to three or four schools."
"I'd say (Notre Dame) coach Willingham left a definite impression on him. Notre Dame has a contingent offer. He has to do a few things and he's doing them in summer in school."
"And Iowa's in there."
The 6-foot-1 and 170 pound Brandon Underwood, from Hamilton, Ohio, made 50 tackles and intercepted 3 passes during his junior season. Underwood was a second team all-conference selection. His brother E.J. is a defensive back for the Buckeyes.