Oser taking trips before decision

Before Thomas Oser makes any decisions the North Hollywood (Calif.) Harvard-Westlake offensive guard wants to take visits.
That has been the difficult part so far.
"The academic schedule has been killer the last couple weeks so we're just trying to figure out the perfect time in the next month or two for visits," Oser said.

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The 6-foot-4, 270-pound three-star prospect has already visited Oregon and said the Ducks have a slight edge in his recruitment because he's visited there but he wants to hold off until other trips are taken.
Two other long-standing favorites are being worked on for trips and Oser said he could even take two more trips after that to schools that have to be considered wild cards in his recruitment.
"The two visits I definitely want to take are Stanford and Vanderbilt and if I can I'd maybe want to check out Ole Miss and Oregon State as well," Oser said.
"Hopefully maybe I can get one or two in the next couple weeks if that works out and then January is going to be pretty busy I think but it will be better because the exam season will be behind me."
Since visits are so important to him, Oser does not plan to make any commitment until he's at least taken the trips to Stanford and Vanderbilt. Oregon has a slight advantage but nothing can be determined until Oser sees some other campuses.
"I really do want to take my trips before I make my decision," Oser said. "I'm trying to get that done as quickly as possible.
"Oregon does have an edge because I've been up there but I definitely still want to check out those other schools."