Oser back from first official visit

Thomas Oser expected to be impressed by his official visit to Oregon but the trip went above and beyond anything the North Hollywood (Calif.) Harvard Westlake offensive lineman could have imagined.
That is good news for the Ducks but the 6-foot-4, 270-pound three-star prospect still wants to take other trips before making his decision.
"It was awesome," Oser said. "I had a great time being out on that field when the team comes out and the crowd roaring. It was the first game back when school was in session. All the students were there and all the fans and it was just an outstanding atmosphere to be in.

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"Especially after that tough first half for them to come out in the second half it was just incredible to see."
Oser said he loved everything about the campus, the facilities especially, and he seemed amazed by everything Oregon football has to offer.
"The facilities are incredible and them building new facilities is even more incredible," Oser said. "They're creating this huge building just for football, that's kind of unheard of. It was pretty awesome.
"They're on my short list. Just going up there and being able to see it first-hand, that made an impression on me and my dad got to come up with me and that was his first time up there and it made a big impression on him, too. They're still up there definitely."
Before making his commitment, though, Oser still wants to visit Stanford and Vanderbilt and now he's working on dates. A trip to Oregon State also seems likely since he's been talking more with that coaching staff as well.
"I'm still planning to visit those schools," Oser said.
"This is my bye week and this is Vanderbilt's bye week so that's unfortunate. We're still trying to figure out the scheduling.
"If we have to visit them a little bit later that's what we'll have to do but I've also been talking to Oregon State recently about trying to set up a visit, too. That was pretty fun seeing them beat UCLA the other day."