Oscar Smith has plenty of talent in 2011

Oscar Smith has one prospect with offers to date, but plenty of others are also getting interest is coming for other players for head coach Rich Morgan. Who else is there to watch on one of the top high school teams in the nation?
"Raysean is one of a few kids that have started every game since being a true freshman," he said of 2011 linebacker Raysean Richardson. "He's got great speed and is a very good football player. He's a three-year starter and can play outside and inside; he could be a strong safety. He's an extremely gifted football player at 6-foot, 200-pounds with good agility."
Richardson could be on the verge of offers later this spring.

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"He doesn't have any official offers yet," he said. "When you look at Quinta's size, for most people it's a no brainer. Raysean has certainly got the interest, but it's a matter of teams finding what they like. We'll find out in the spring where his interest is."
Richardson is joined on the defensive side by junior lineman Dontrell Holmes.
"Dontrell is in a situation where he's about 6-foot-2, 280-pounds," he said. "He's a great offensive tackle and played defensive end for us too. He's a very good football player, but I'm not sure if he's Division I because of the height factor. Certainly defensive line is where he'll have to play in college. He can be a one or three technique. He'll get scholarship offers, but I'm not sure on what level."
Morgan discussed Holmes further as a player.
"He's got very good feet," he said. "His strength is always his ability to shed blockers and penetrate."
Morgan has a few more to watch as well including 5-foot-10, 180-pound athlete Jaston George as well as lineman Michael Wyche.
"Jaston is a two-year starter for us and is getting college looks," he said. "He's been very productive as a defensive back and running back.
"Last year was Michael's first year playing and we're hoping another year in the weight room he'll project well for somebody. He's 6-foot-3, 300-pounds."
In addition, Oscar Smith has a 2012 prospect to watch as well.
"Everybody is asking for film on J.C. Coleman," he said. "He's a special one even at 5-foot-7, 170-pounds. He'll be one of the higher ranked kids next year.
"All of these players have very good grades and whoever offers them, the school won't have to worry about that."