Oregon athlete has high ceiling

Gabe Miller (6-3, 230, 4.7) from Lake Oswego, Ore., has unlimited potential at the next level.
Miller started on both sides of the ball as a fullback and linebacker his senior season but made all-league as a linebacker.
"Gabe runs incredibly well for a big man," Lake Oswego coach Steve Coury said. "He could weight 245 pounds by the time our season rolls around.

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"He is very athletic and even runs the hurdles in track and is also a very hard worker."
Miller benches 300 pounds and squats more than 400.
Miller also has great instincts on the football field. He can run with the faster running backs out of the backfield in pass coverage and he's also an excellent run stopper.
"It is hard to tell where Miller will end up on the next level," Coury said. "He has incredible versatility."
There are two positions Coury is thinking of at the moment.
"Gabe could end up a bruising fullback type or an outside linebacker," Coury said. "The intriguing thing about Gabe is he is still growing and could end up as a defensive end in college.
"The sky is the limit for Gabe as far as his potential goes."