Oquendo visits RU, MD

Hackensack, N.J. athlete Danny Oquendo maintains a top five of Maryland, Rutgers, Virginia Tech, Boston College and Pittsburgh, and plans to take a second round of unofficial visits before the season gets underway early next month.
Oquendo plans to announce dates for his official visits September 1st and, unless there is a drastic change in his recruitment between now and then, he expects to visit those same five schools.
“I just got back from visits to Rutgers and Maryland over the weekend and I plan to Boston College and Virginia Tech again sometime before the end of the month,” explained Oquendo. “I’m not sure if I’ll visit Pittsburgh between now and then.”
Oquendo admitted that an early commitment before taking his official visits was not in the cards for the New Jersey playmaker. He is being recruited on both sides of the football as either a safety or a wide receiver.
“Maryland and Pittsburgh are recruiting me as a receiver while Virginia Tech wants me to play safety first in their system,” said Oquendo. “Both Rutgers and Boston College have told me it was my choice as to where I wanted to play on the field. I really don’t have a preference right now as to where I play.”
Following the visits over the weekend, Oquendo shared what he likes about Rutgers and Maryland.
“Rutgers is close to home, so I’ve become very familiar with their program,” Oquendo admitted. “Coach Schiano is building a good program there. Maryland is located in a great setting just outside of Washington D.C. I’m also impressed with the academic programs there.”
Oquendo will be following the progress of his five favorites this season as their performance on the field could impact his decision.
“Along with my relationship with each school’s coaching staff, performance on the field is a big selling point to me,” expressed Oquendo.