Opportunity knocks for McBurse

Earlier today Winter Springs, Florida running back Al-Terek McBurse made his decision and he's now headed to the Boilermakers. McBuse, 6-0 and 192 pounds, is a four star prospect that had a terrific senior campaign, rushing for over 2,300 yards.
"Realistically, Purdue presented the best opportunity for me," McBurse said. "They need me to come in and make an impact as a freshman. There wasn't a better time for a running back to come into the program than me coming into Purdue. It's just a great chance for me to go in and win some playing time and compete against teams like Ohio State, Penn State, Notre Dame and Michigan. Man this is exciting because I hope this opportunity helps me reach my ultimate dream and get prepared for NFL."
McBurse said the hardest part of his decision was telling other coaches he was going somewhere else. After all, recruiting is about building relationships.
"The most difficult part is the relationships with all these great coaches. Telling them no is difficult to do. You meet so many great people and it's like you have to break that bond with these other coaches.
"In the end I felt this was the right fit for me."
Purdue now has a new coach, Danny Hope. They will running coach (Joe) Tiller's offense and McBurse is so excited.
"He's a great guy and we bonded so well and he bonded so well with my parents.
"I'm their guy and I will come in in January with my game face on. I want to make that impact my freshman season."