Opeseyitan suffers injury, will return

At last week's homecoming game, Allen, Texas running back Charles Opeseyitan thought that his season was going to be cut short and for most players, it might have been.
The 5-foot-10, 186-pound heavily recruited North Texas runner told that he had a complete tear of his ACL during the game and figured that doctors would rule him out for the rest of the season. Oddly enough, it may only hold him out for a few weeks.
"Well, yeah, the doctors looked at my leg and said it was very unusual," Opeseyitan said. "Most players aren't walking right, but after five minutes of the injury, I was up and walking fine. They said the muscles in my leg are so strong that it's keep my knee in place.
"I was in shock. I'll only be out for three weeks in looks like."
To ensure his knee stays in place, Opeseyitan says that he has had a custom knee brace made and he'll wear that when he returns. He's feeling so good, he's going to give defense a try when he comes back on the field for Allen.
"I'll probably play a little linebacker," he said. "After the season, I'll go ahead and have the surgery though."
Kansas and Tulsa recently called to tell him that the injury won't affect their interest in him. Many others have said the same thing.
"Kansas and Tulsa said this isn't changing anything with them," he said. "They told me they still want me and that a lot of guys overcome this injury. Most everybody has said that too."