Onyekwere is looking forward to visits

One offer is in for Washington (D.C.) Friendship Collegiate Academy
2014 wide receiver Chigozie Onyekwere. The 5-foot-11, 190-pounder claims many other schools are moving in and he plans to visit one this weekend.
"I'm still on the one offer, but I'm going to have more offers at the end of the season," he said. "I am getting interest like crazy from Notre Dame, Michigan State, Florida State, Michigan, Mississippi State, Connecticut, Penn State, Vanderbilt, Colorado and Ohio State."
One specific ACC school has definitely peaked his interest.
"Florida State told me I'm one of the few recruits they are looking at in this region," said Onyekwere. "That means a lot with the history of Florida State."
Right now though, Onyekwere is high on the school that has already offered.
"I'm loving NC State, they are showing extreme love and you can't beat North Carolina," he said.
Other teams are high on Onyekwere's list too though.
"I'm interested in South Carolina, Florida, Ohio State, Notre Dame and Florida State," he said. "It comes to Florida, it's the history, Joe Haden and Major Wright. I know those guys, I was around those guys.
Meyer is gone, but Florida is still in my mind. With the Gamecocks, it's my relationship with Coach Mangus. He's a cool guy. Notre Dame is just about how I feel about the school. If you go there, you get what you need to get to the league. Florida State is the Seminole pride. You can't compete with that and then Ohio State has Urban Meyer. I've always said you put him in that conference and just sit back and watch. You're seeing it."
Onyekwere is planning to take some visits.
"Once the season is over I'm going to go everywhere," he said. "We are a traveling team so I'm trying hard to visit while we are in town.
This week I'm going to West Virginia to watch the Baylor game. We're playing at Rutgers later this year and I'm going to hit them up."
Onyekwere and Friendship Collegiate are 3-0 on the year, but he has yet to play a full game due to cancellations and illness.
"Even though I haven't played a lot, I'm playing different this year in my overall game," he said. "Before I was really known as a speedy guy. I could make people miss in space. I'm working on my routes and depth, position for my routes. It's not just my speed now, but my route running. I'm showing it a lot in practice, as I'm the only wide receiver able to get off on Jalen Tabor, since he's so long. He handles everyone at the line, but I'm working him. Also, blocking has become a big part of my game now."