One of the best in the west

Many in the Los Angeles area feel that Aleksey Lanis (6-6, 300, 5.1) from Los Angeles (Calif.) Crenshaw is the best offensive lineman in the area and perhaps on the entire West Coast. Lanis first caught the eye of with his outstanding performance against USC bound Thomas Herring. Lanis has that little bit of nasty in him that you love to have in a top offensive line prospect.
Another thing that D-I schools like about Lanis is his versatility. He has the talent to play all three interior line spots.
As a junior, Lanis was selected all-city, all-area and all-state. He is also a member of the pre-evaluation top 100 team.
UCLA came out of the box early with the first offer on February 11th and that made Lanis very happy.
In an earlier report with correspondent Greg Biggins, Lanis said, “I'm really excited about this offer (UCLA) since it's my first, but hopefully not my last.”
At this time, UCLA is his only offer, but Lanis won’t have to worry, he will have many more offers before the recruiting season ends.
UCLA does have competition for Lanis. Michigan and USC are also looking at Lanis with a lot of interest. The feeling is mutual.
“I am also looking at Michigan and USC,” Lanis said. “I hope to hear from Miami.”
The scouting report on Lanis is he never takes a down off. It is always 110% intensity on every play.
“One of the reasons that I don’t play defense is I don’t want to give 80% on defense and 80% on offense,” Lanis said. “I want to give it all on the side of the ball I’m playing and that side is offense.”
There may be a reason that Lanis is so tough and nasty as an offensive lineman. He was born in Siberia, Russia. One of the coldest and toughest places to live on earth.
When asked if Siberia was as cold as advertised Lanis said, “It’s colder.”