One of Texas top QBs commits to Arizona

Allen, Texas quarterback Matt Brown is one of the most versatile, athletic and – most importantly – successful quarterbacks in the 2010 class out of the state of Texas. He has had a feeling for a while that he knew where he wanted to play football in college. On Tuesday night, Brown made that decision final and ended his recruitment.
"I committed to Arizona last night," Brown said on Wednesday. "I'm really really excited. The coaching staff was awesome. When I went down there they treated me real well and I just loved the area. I've got a lot of ties there family-wise. My dad's side of the family is over there and I was born about a mile from their campus."
While Arizona had a leg up on his recruitment due to some family connections, a terrific visit to the Tucson campus only helped the Wildcats in their efforts to land Allen.
"I visited like a month ago," he said. "We went down there and watched practice and got a tour around the entire campus which was awesome. What I saw talent-wise was awesome and I really felt this was a team that was going to take off real soon. It wasn't just them saying it. I could see that they were actually going to be really good."
With family connections, a great visit under his belt and a good feeling about the future of the Arizona program, Brown had plenty of reasons to head west. In fact, when he couldn't think of reasons not to, he decided it was time to make a final decision.
"I was just sitting there on the couch and something just hit me and I just decided to just do it. It was something that I really wanted to do. I was just waiting and waiting and I though, 'why do I have to wait for something that I know I really want'."
Though Brown had picked up offers from other programs such as Nebraska, Kansas State and Iowa State, he is not longer looking for any more. In fact, he is relieved that he can spend the spring and summer focused on his high school team and not on recruiting.
"I'm actually really relieved," he said. "A huge things just came off my shoulders. I can go through spring practice and not worry about what scout is here or what scout is this or what scout is that. I don't have to worry about which camps to go to and travel all over the place. Now I can just focus on bringing Allen another state championship."
Brown hopes to land Allen back to back state championships in Texas's largest classification and then compete for early playing time at Arizona. With high expectations for himself, he is taking into consideration early enrollment possibilities.
"I'm probably going to talk to my mom and dad before school ends," he said. "If I want to make a big impact at Arizona, that's probably the way to go. But then again, it is my last year here and I've been here a long time and it's going to be one of those decisions I'll make with my family if it fits and everything is right."
One thing Brown does know is that everything is right with Arizona and it does fit.