One more trip for Ohio DE

Ohio defensive end Ryan Thompson is one of the top defensive ends in the Midwest. He's got one visit remaining which should prove to be the biggest factor in his decision.
"I'm going to take a trip to Stanford either Jan. 10 or Jan. 17," said Thompson, a 6-foot-4, 240-pound defensive end. "They offered me a scholarship recently, but I still have to get accepted through admissions. They don't make too many exceptions, but I should get in. My two favorite schools are Boston College and Stanford."
Is the Akron (Ohio) Hoban defensive end considering any other schools?
"I'm not ruling out Maryland or Northwestern, but that's pretty much it. The four schools I like are all really similar. They're great schools, I like the football programs, and the players really seem to enjoy it there.
"I really like the coaches at Boston College especially," said Thompson. "They don't play mind games or anything with you. You know what you're getting with them right up front without any lies or anything. The other schools I like have coaches like that but BC's coaches are really great."
When can we expect a decision from Thompson?
"I'll make my decision after my visit to Stanford. That date isn't set yet but it will be around mid-January like I said. The visit to Stanford will be really big, because that's the last thing I'll have to compare the other trips to."