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One final trip for Tilley

Columbus (Ohio) Franklin Heights offensive lineman Lee Tilley will take his fourth and likely final official visit this weekend to South Carolina.
After already visiting Oklahoma, Arizona State and LSU, Tilley, a four-star offensive tackle could have a decision some time shortly after returning from Columbia, S.C., according to his assistant coach.
"There are no plans for a fifth trip," Franklin Heights assistant Jeremy Beckham said. "He'll come back from South Carolina and start to talk things over with his mother and figure out where he's going."
Tilley has rated each of his official visits as very impressive.
The first one was at Oklahoma, where he is being recruited by OU line coach Kevin Wilson. That was followed up by a trip out West to ASU. The Sun Devils have Brent Myers in charge of recruiting him. The LSU visit was last weekend for the Florida game, and Tilley and Bo Pelini have struck up a good friendship.
"Coach Pelini is more laid back," Tilley said. "He's also from Ohio, so I like that. He likes to talk and get it out there and make sure you understand what they want and answer any questions.
"The coach at Oklahoma (Kevin Wilson) is like one of those guys that really gets after it but always wants to see where you stand. He wants to make sure everything is all right and asks if you have any questions. He'll talk to you about the little things from that first step you take after the snap all the way to the 15th step."
There is no question that playing time will be important in his decision.
"They're all national champion caliber programs that all have something in common – their offensive line is very, very thin," Tilley said. "It's like most of them don't even have enough in the two deep to make it through this year.
Lee Tilley VideoClick "That's my thing, if I'm shooting for a goal I want to get stronger, bigger and faster and get on the field quickly. If I get out there as a freshman, then I can work hard at getting better and then work hard on getting my team better. Eventually I could work toward getting to the NFL."Here to view this Link.