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Oliver makes his choice

Three-star athlete Nyshier Oliver has come to a decision. The 5-foot-10, 170-pounder out of Jersey City (N.J.) St. Peter's Prep made his choice last night between Boston College, Notre Dame, Rutgers, Tennessee, Michigan and Wake Forest.
"I committed to Notre Dame," he said. "I committed last night and talked to Coach Weis.
"He was excited. He wanted me to be one of his guys when he first offered me. He sent one of his coaches to my game last Friday, Coach Latina. That really was big. It showed me that they wanted me to be part of the family, they showed me love."
What factors played into the No. 11 prospect in New Jersey's decision?
"It's just Notre Dame, it's a school like no other," he said. "They have the best fans in college football in my opinion. The tradition is out of this world, the coaches are out of this world. They are cool, diverse and the school is in an intimate setting. The campus is beautiful. It's a whole list of things for me, I'm not sure how long you have, but I could go all day on why I committed to Notre Dame."
The coaches were a major factor in Oliver's choice.
"Coach Latina is a cool guy. He kept in touch with me and came to my game. We have a good relationship," he stated. "What I like about Coach Weis, first and foremost is that he is a Jersey guy. He's doing a good job recruiting Jersey and is a straightforward man. He keeps it real with you, but wants it his way and not other. I like that about the guy."
The fans were also a major component in his choice.
"What really stood out about my trip there a couple weeks ago was the fans," he said. "The fans are the best. It was raining, pouring out for the Michigan game and nobody went anywhere. It was unreal.
"Plus, I know they haven't been really good these past couple years. I definitely see an upward swing coming and what they will become in the future."
Where will Oliver play for the Irish?
"They want me as a slot receiver," he said. "They haven't talked about playing time. Right now I'm not worried about that. I'm just looking to go to school and work for everything I deserve."