Old School LB Jeske talks recruiting

Old School.
Many coaches and observers will use those tags on players these days to describe a player's qualities, yet Joliet, Ill. inside linebacker prospect Chris Jeske (6-foot-1, 225 pounds) is without question a player who's focus, style and attention is definitely a throwback from a much different era.

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“Recruiting is about the furthest thing in my mind these days," Chris Jeske said. “My main focus is getting ready for the season, and I'm just loving the fact that we can hit in practice again. The only school that I'm really focusing in on now is Nazareth Academy (Joliet Catholic's first opponent) in about a week."
Jeske's gives his take on his early recruiting interest and offers.
"It's great to have early offers and recruiting interest, but I just feel that if they really want you, they will be there in the end. I'm just going to go out this year and play my game, and hopefully the colleges will see me out there making plays and that will be good enough for them. That's all I can really control, and I'm getting ready for my first game next week."
Getting Jeske to name his early favorites is almost like trying to get a toddler to try spinach, but Jeske eventually named some schools he's looking at this summer.
"It's tough to say because I haven't really been thinking about it too much. I would say that Wisconsin, Northwestern, Arizona, UCLA and Indiana are schools that I'm considering at this point."
"I'm still in no rush whatsoever to make a college choice. I'm just going to play as hard as I can this season, then I'll look at my options after the season is over with."
Joliet Catholic is ranked as the #2 team in Chicagoland.