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OL To Remain Loyal To Early Offers

Over the years, the state of New Jersey has been a hot spot big offensive lineman, Gordie Sammis from Somerville (N.J) Immaculata fits the bill. The 6-foot-5, 290-pounder has college recruiters scrambling for his services. He has a maximum bench press of 345 pounds and would like to be close to 375 before next year. At this time he has offers from Rutgers, Pittsburgh, Virginia, Vanderbilt and Wake Forest.
"I want to be loyal to the schools that offered me first. The five that offered are my top schools and I will most likely narrow my choice between them even as others come into the picture. Although it's not written in stone, that's how I feel right now."
Gordie will look to make his choice sometime in July, once the summer camps he is attending are finished. He will be going to Wake Forest on June 2, Rutgers on June 23 and Virginia on June 26. For now, Gordie lists Rutgers and Virginia as his leaders.