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OL Ruckdashel draws early callers

Apple Valley, Minn. offensive line prospect Ryan Ruckdashel (6-foot-6, 255 pounds) has already started to receive college coaches calling, and as of 9PM CST on Wednesday Ruckdashel's phone was plenty busy.
"So far I've gotten calls from Michigan State, Minnesota and Wyoming," Ryan Ruckdashel said. "I was basically out all night, and I know that a few coaches tried calling me at home and I missed those calls. Michigan State was the first school to call me tonight."
Ruckdashel talked about his latest recruiting news.
"I still have the same offers. I'm still basically down to two favorites at this point in Michigan State and Minnesota. I've been getting a lot of mail lately, especially hand-written mail from Clemson and Stanford. Those two schools have really stepped things up over the last few weeks, and both schools indicated that they would be calling me this week."
"I'm also going to check out some college games this fall. I'm planning on seeing several Minnesota games, and I'm also going to see a game at Michigan State later this fall. I'm also thinking of checking out a game far away, maybe Clemson. I'm still not sure on that yet, but it's a possibility."
As far as making his final college choice, Ruckdashel is getting closer to making his final college choice, but is also looking for an important seal of approval.
"I really want my parents to check out the schools that I'm interested in before I make my final decision. It's important to me that they see each school as well as being able to give me their opinions of each school. I'm pretty close to making a decision, but I want their input before I decide."
Ruckdashel is now just getting ready to kickoff his senior season this Friday night.
"I'm psyched. It's going to be tough to sleep on Thursday night, but I'll manage. I'm just very excited to get things started."
Does Ruckdashel have any pregame rituals?
"It's strange, but I'm either totally dead silent, or I'm goofing around with the guys right before a game. I'm not a headphones guy at all, I just like to try and stay loose and focused before a game."