OL Moosman talks Wisconsin visit

Libertyville, Ill. four star ranked offensive guard prospect David Moosman (6-foot-5, 270 pounds) made his first official visit to the University of Wisconsin last weekend, and Moosman talks about his experiences in Madison and more in this latest update.
"I just had a really good time at Wisconsin," Moosman said. "The visit involved a lot of food and fun, especially heavy on the food. I must have gained 5-7 pounds over the weekend alone."
Moosman talked in depth about his official visit to Madison.

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"Friday night I was able to have dinner at the senior banquet, which was a lot of fun. Steve Bernstein was my player host for the weekend, and he's a really cool guy and we got along very well. We were able to hang out with the players on Friday night after the dinner, and I ran into some friends from high school that are going to UW, which was pretty cool."
"Saturday involved a lot more food. We had lunch and dinner in the skyboxes at Camp Randall, and they also played a video highlights from their season on the new Jumbotron, and that was really impressive. Saturday was also a heavy academic day. We were able to talk to academic advisors and professors and we had all kinds of tours and presentations. Saturday night I was able to hang out with the players again, and I really got along really well with them. We had a lot of fun."
"Sunday we had brunch at Coach (Barry) Alvarez's house. He has a really nice house and probably more sports memorabilia than a sports museum. I was able to sit and talk with the coaches and it was a really nice way to end the weekend."
So how did the Badgers visit rate with Moosman?
"It's sort of hard to compare when this was my first visit, but I would say that it was an 8 or 9 on a scale of 10. Everything was really impressive at Wisconsin and I enjoyed myself all weekend long."
Moosman will march on this coming weekend with an official visit to Michigan.
"I'm still pretty certain that I'm going to take my last three planned visits before I make my final college choice."