OL Moosman is recovering well

Libertyville, Ill. four star ranked offensive guard prospect David Moosman (6-foot-5, 270 pounds) looked as happy and content as ever last Friday afternoon in the halls at Libertyville High School, despite having his left arm in a sling.
"I had my shoulder surgery done a week ago," Moosman said. "Right now my shoulder feels really good. I'm scheduled to begin rehab in about a week or so."
Moosman talked about his out patient surgery.

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"The whole procedure took about two hours in length. They numbed one entire side of my body for the surgery, and when I woke up that was one funky feeling. I was back home right after the surgery, and I really didn't feel much pain at all. The only pain I have is from the sling I've been wearing in my bicep, but that's normal and I'll work that out in rehab."
"Things went really well in surgery according to the doctor after wards. I told my Mom and my girlfriend that the doctor said that I could have as much ice creme as I wanted. Sure, ice creme has nothing to do with shoulder surgery and my recovery, but I figured that I'd milk it for as much as I could, plus I'll never say no to ice creme."
Moosman, who earlier this winter verballed to the University of Michigan, will have a few of the Wolverine coaches in his home this Wednesday.
"Coach (Lloyd) Carr and Coach (Andy) Moeller are scheduled to make an in home visit this Wednesday. It will be good to get a chance to talk with them in person."