OL Moosman flooded with good thoughts

Libertyville, Ill. offensive line prospect David Moosman (6-foot-5, 270 pounds) has ended the May evaluation period with an impressive list of scholarship offers as well as college options, and despite the rising waters surrounding Libertyville and the Northern suburbs of Chicagoland over the Memorial Day weekend, Moosman feels flooded with happiness over his several offers and college options.
“We've been hit pretty hard over the last few weeks with rain, and our area is OK but other parts of town are seeing some flooding troubles," David Moosman said. “I have 13 scholarship offers to date, and I can't complain at all over the schools that have offered me a scholarship. I'm actually feeling very happy over how things have gone for me during the month of May."
So did Moosman ever expect to have 13 offers at the end of the May evaluation period? "13 offers at the end of May? I didn't expect much of anything to be honest, I just hoped that things would work out and that a few schools would have taken noticed of me. I had a few schools in mind before May, and that if I received offers from them it would be the best case scenario. I have definitely received those offers I hoped for, and I've also surpassed anything I thought could have happened."
Moosman will be finishing up his final exams this week, and then look for Moosman's attention to focus in on narrowing down his favorite schools listing. "I'm going to be doing several different things this summer, including taking a few camps and unofficial visits. I'm also going to be working with a speed trainer this summer as well as working out and working with my team in camp this summer."
The majority of early offers from Moosman have been of the Midwest variety, yet Moosman has also drawn offers from both Arizona and UCLA. Would Moosman look at all at the West Coast schools? "I was just talking about that recently with a coach on the phone, and I'm definitely going to look towards the West Coast schools. I'm very familiar with the West Coast, especially the Bay Area and I've been out West many times and I feel comfortable out West. I'm going to give those schools some serious thought this summer."