OL Kuempel plays the waiting game

Marion, Iowa offensive tackle prospect Andy Kuempel (6-foot-7, 250 pounds) is the type of person who just doesn't allow too much to phase him. Kuempel, blessed with a strong sense of humor, Kuempel is still joking about a recent incident at a University of Iowa practice session he recently attended.
“I made a visit to Iowa to check out a practice, and all of a sudden these little kids started asking me for my autograph," Andy Kuempel said. "At first I was wondering if they had me confused with some of the other prospects who were there that day. It was cool I guess, but as I was signing Iowa footballs and mini-helmets, I wondered what happens if I go to another school. Do they have a big bonfire with all of that stuff if I sign elsewhere? Maybe I'll check Ebay on that stuff soon."
Kuempel for now remains on hold as far as making his final college choice.
"For now I'm just getting ready for the season. Several schools like Iowa are wanting to see some early senior tape, and that's fine. The coaches have been very honest and straight-forward so far in my recruiting, and I'll most likely take a look at things once we get into the season."
"I'm also very happy about the offers that I already have at this point. Iowa State, Kansas and Kansas State I'm very familiar with at this point, and each school has some great things to offer. I've also received an offer from Miami (Ohio) and I've requested some additional information on the school. I've heard some good things about the campus, facilities and the education at Miami of Ohio."