OL Kuempel draws plenty of callers

Marion, Iowa offensive tackle prospect Andy Kuempel (6-foot-7, 250 pounds) was just about to head out for the evening on Sunday night.
“I was just about to head out for the evening," Andy Kuempel said. "With the three day weekend, I decided to head out tonight and have some fun with a few of my friends."
Kuempel took a few minutes to fill us in on Linn Mar's first game of the season on Friday night.
"It was a wild first game. We won 52-49, and our kicker hit a 44 yard field goal to win the game with less than a minute to play. I'm really happy to get our first win, but we have some more work left to do."
"I thought I played a really good game that night, but then I looked at the tape the next day, and the tape always shows you things differently. I play a good game, not a great game, but I have plenty of motivation for next week. I can get a lot better, that's for sure."
Kuempel also talked about the calls he's received from college coaches so far during September.
"On the first night, I received calls from Iowa, Iowa State, Kansas, Kansas State and Oregon. The call from Oregon sort of came out of the blue, and I was surprised to hear from them. I had received plenty of regular mail from them, but nothing out of the ordinary. I had a really good talk with all of the coaches."
Getting out his early senior tape remains the colleges focus at this point.
"It seems that everyone who's called wants me to get my early senior tape out as soon as possible. Once we finish our second game this week, I'll be working on getting that tape out as soon as possible."