Oklahoma WR now has three offers

Three-star wide receiver Jason Ray, who is from Broken Arrow, Okla., now has three written scholarship offers – West Virginia, Nebraska and Kansas.
“I really haven’t put that in order yet,” Ray said. “I really don’t know. I really don’t know where I would go with all of my five visits yet. I have no one straight in my mind right now.”
He is planning on making unofficial visits to Kansas and he just returned from a West Virginia summer camp.
“I might make an unofficial visit to Nebraska'" he said. "I’m just trying to weed everything out.”
“I don’t think distance is that much of a problem'" the 6-foot-2, 190 pound Ray said. "It depends on the atmosphere, the team, the town and the coaches.”
Strong points: “I think they are looking at my size and I have good hands. I’m pretty unselfish when I play. I can make the big play.”
He made the following comments about the three schools that have offered him.
West Virginia: “I was surprised when they offer. They were the first ones to offer. That was something new to me. It started out the recruiting thing and I realized the position I was in. I never thought about West Virginia, but they make an offer, then you get curious what they see in you. So then you want to go and meet their coaches. They would be in my top eight.”
He went to camp there and liked their stadium and facilities, but he did not get a chance to see the dorms. “I would consider going back there for an official visit.”
Nebraska: “I have no idea. I was surprised when they offered to. I got on their web-site and looking up their history, but I would still have to talk to the coaches. I’m still curious on where they see me fitting in their scheme. I like their history. I like what Crouch did, as far as him being the athlete in what he does. They have a great chance of winning the national championship. They have a great team every year and never had to go through a rebuilding year or reload. I just have to see what they are doing and talk to the coaches.”
Kansas: “I haven’t talked to them, but I know Mark Mangino is down there. He used to be the coordinator at OU. You saw what he did with OU with the passing and what he did with Heupel. He is going in there and change some things up. I asked my high school coach what he thinks and he thinks they will ‘trunk’ the ball more than likely. That is something to look at.”
He has little contact from Colorado and Michigan, but Kansas State, Oklahoma, Stanford and Notre Dame are in his top list of schools.
Kansas State: “I actually went to their camp a few weeks ago. I liked the facilities and the coaching staff was real nice. I got to work with their receiver coach, coach Peterson, a lot. It has a small town atmosphere, but the town gets behind the team and the players spoke. I don’t know what they will do. I did pretty good at the camp.”
Oklahoma: “I have been there a number of times. My sister goes there. Their facilities are top-notch.”
Stanford: “They were the first people to contact me. I talked to coach Moses. He seems like a real nice guy. He spoke to me what they are about. He said that once you get to California, you don’t want to leave. I have never been there.”
Notre Dame: “Coach Willingham used to be at Stanford, right? He came to my school, but I was taking a test and did not get a chance to meet him."
He has never played any other position except wide receiver and some safety as a sophomore.
Would you like to play in the NFL someday?
“That would be a good thing to do, but again going back to the truth of the school I’m looking at the academics. That is what you have to focus on and do your football. Playing in the NFL would be fun.”
As a junior, he had 809 yards on 80 receptions and 13 touchdowns
His grade point average is 3.7 and his ACT came in at 22.