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Oklahoma LB ready to visit two

Tulsa (Okla.) East Central linebacker Popsey Floyd has two official visits lined up and could be close to making a decision after those two visits are concluded. The three-star rated standout for coach Travis Hill has one school sitting at the top of his list at this time, and they will get the second of the two visits.
“Everything is getting hot all of a sudden for Popsey,” Hill said. “He will be traveling to Arkansas and Colorado soon and I could see it picking up fast enough that he makes a choice right after those two visits.”
Those two visits will be Dec. 17, when the 6-foot, 222-pound Floyd travels to Colorado and on Jan. 7, when he travels to Arkansa.
“If Arkansas would put the offer out in front of him, I think that is where he would go,” Hill said. “I think they are the first choice for him right now. It is only two hours away from home and he’s been there before and really liked what he saw when he was there. I think the offer would already be out there for him, but they let their defensive coordinator go and that was the guy recruiting Popsey. I think when the new one gets a chance to meet him and watch the film, that offer will still come.”
An offer already exists from Gary Barnett’s Colorado program.
“Colorado has offered Popsey a scholarship,” Hill said. “They got a couple of our guys from here last year who will be enrolling in the spring out there, so that would give Popsey someone he knows in the program that he could relate to. I know he is looking forward to both visits and then he can make a choice.”
Two other schools, Kansas State and Oklahoma, had expressed interest earlier in Floyd, but had moved on from Floyd recently.
“The coaches at both Kansas State and Oklahoma have told me they will be moving in other directions for linebackers,” Hill said. “I don’t know who or where, but that is what they told us was the reason they were not going to recruit Popsey any further.”