Oklahoma LB has one trip left

Edmond (Okla.) Memorial linebacker Dane Zaslaw has completed two of his three official visits. How did the trip to College Station go?
"I had a real good time on the visit overall," the 6-foot-2, 241-pound Zaslaw said. "The stadium is great. When that place is full it is something!"

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While Zaslaw completed his second trip this time the outcome of the game was different for the home team.
"When I was at OU, they won their game. A&M was close but just didn't win. It was a good game overall, but they just missed on a few plays. After the game one of the assistant coaches asked us recruits to raise our hand if we had never lost a game. Nobody raised their hand. He then told us that losing was part of the game. Nobody wins every game. It is how you respond from the loss that decides how you'll be."
Zaslaw has narrowed his list down to three schools, LSU, Oklahoma and Texas A&M. His final trip was scheduled for this next weekend to LSU.
"I won't be able to make my trip this weekend after all," Zaslaw said. "The weather from the hurricane is making it so we'll reschedule the trip. We definitely will reschedule. I want to see LSU before I can make a choice."
Zaslaw's high school team is starting to round into form after dropping the season opener.
"We've won our last two games. We're 2-1 heading into our game against our rival, Edmond North. The game will be a conference game for the first time ever. We're ready to play."
Zaslaw's individual season is off to a good start as well.
"I don't know what kind of numbers I have individually. I don't have them in front of me. But I feel I am making good plays."