Okafor adds offer, plans trips

Offensive tackle Mickey Okafor, since committing to Houston, seems to keep adding offers by the day.
The 6-foot-6, 290-pound Houston Westbury lineman recently added a scholarship offer from Baylor to go along with ones from Oklahoma State and Kansas State. Since committing, Okafor said he was thinking of some trips. However, other than the new offer, his schedule has been full of activities.
"I was trying to make it to Texas A&M, but I've been pretty busy," Okafor said. "I'm going to have to reschedule it for another time. I don't really have anything set up right now."

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Okafor says that the new offer from Baylor definitely has him interest in the Bears and the other Big 12 schools, but as for now, he's still committed to the school he pledged to first.
"I'm still committed to Houston," he said. "I haven't changed my mind or anything."
Okafor is being recruited by Houston coach Randy Clements. Oklahoma State and Texas A&M are two schools that he says he wants to visit in the future when his schedule opens up.