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Ohio States class already impressive

It’s only August, but it’s never too early to take a look at who’s kicking tail in the recruiting wars, and a few teams do standout above the others. But looking at the national scene, Ohio State’s class is probably the deepest and most talented.
Face the facts Notre Dame and Michigan fans, while your school’s early hauls are very impressive, it just doesn’t quite pack the punch that the Buckeye’s class does. While that can change, Jim Tressell has assembled an impressive class so far that is hard to rival.
When you look at the star-power with pro-style quarterback Justin Zwick, fullback Maurice Clarrett and offensive tackle Doug Dattish, you can’t help but be impressed.
But what makes the class even more special are players like outside linebacker A.J. Hawk, linebacker Mike Kudla and amazing tight end prospect R.J. Coleman.
They give this class amazing depth and fill major needs.
And once again, it is only August.
So what keyed the great early haul?
It all had to start when Zwick jumped on the bandwagon early, and when he helped the Buckeyes openly recruit other impact guys.
“You know what they say,” Coleman said. “Great players want to play with great players.”