Ohio RB already up to 400

Cincinnati Reading running back DeShawn Wynn has already established himself as one of the nation's top running backs.
Now the four-star back is showing it again on the field.
"I have around 400 yards on 26 carries," he said. "I've scored seven touchdowns. I'm pretty pleased with it. We're 2-0, and that's all that matters."
And what matters is that Indiana has now made an appearance in Wynn's top five. After a solid call from the entire Hoosier coaching staff on Saturday, Wynn has inserted them into his top group and will now at least visit.
"They just kept passing the phone around," Wynn said. "I talked to every coach on the staff. That was kind of cool."
Alabama and West Virginia remain the top two "teams to beat" on Wynn's list. He also still lists Ohio State and Michigan as the other two teams in his top five.
"Those are going to be the teams that I'm visiting," he said. "I told Ohio State just earlier today that I'm officially going to visit them. So you can mark that down."
Wynn doesn't have any trips set up at this point.