Ohio lineman stands out at combine

In Washington Court, Ohio, offensive linemen don't get any better than Washington Senior High School junior Skyler Schofner. The 6-foot-6, 280-pound 2010 prospect is dominant with his quick feet and large frame.
On Friday, Schofner found out that he's not the only one with his ability.
"There's other people out there just like me," he said. "There are big kids and you have to bust your butt even more to get that starting spot."

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The trip to San Antonio was one that motivated that big man from up north.
"It made me realize even more that I have to work a lot harder to get there," Schofner said. "There are a lot of big boys here. There are a lot of guys that are going to go as far as I am and are as big as I am and just as strong."
Currently, Schofner does not hold any Division I offers but that should change soon as he's hearing from Michigan, Illinois, Cincinnati, Ohio State, Alabama, Syracuse, Purdue and Central Michigan.
"H''s a kid that has potential," explained Rivals.com Analyst Barry Every. "He's similar to North Carolina commitment 2009 David Collins. I would give him the 'David Collins award'.
"He needs to work on his foot speed, but he has something you can't teach – height and long arms. He loves football, you can tell that."
And there's no better place for a football fanatic to be show his skills on the field than at the U.S. Army National Combine.
"I want to do something in football," Schofner said. "Everyone tells me that this is a good place to be to get your name out there."
The lineman began to spread the word about his ability when observers witness him run a 4.78 shuttle. For an individual at that size, it was an impressive time.
"When I see the receivers and running backs, I want to be able to run as fast as they do," Schofner said. "I want to be as quick as they are. I know they're smaller but I want to be just as quick.
"I can do it. I work hard at home running with the running backs and quarterbacks all of the time. I'm friends with all of them. I do speed drills often and try to be quick."
Although his speed stood out, Every added that Schofner can still refine his quickness.
"Even though he can run like that, he's not a natural knee bender," Every said. "He needs to work on flexibility."
Right now, he's visited both Michigan and Ohio State and likes them both equally.
"There's no question he's a Division I football player," Every said. "It's a question on how good he can get."