Ohio LB up to double-digit offers

Cincinnati (Ohio) St. Xavier linebacker Luke Kuechly might be the most offered and least talked about player in the Buckeye State. The 6-foot-3, 220-pounder says he's now up to 10 scholarship offers, and he's really starting to get excited about his recruiting future.
"I have some really good offers from teams, and I just got another offer three weeks ago from Louisville," Kuechly, who racked up 143 tackles, six sacks and two interceptions as a junior, said. "They offered me about three weeks ago. I get mail from them pretty frequently."
For the record, Kuechly said he now has offers from Boston College, Cincinnati, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan State, N.C. State, Northwestern, Stanford and Miami of Ohio.
Kuechly said he's built good relationships with several coaches, including N.C. State coach Tom O'Brien and offensive coordinator Dana Bible, who are St. X alums.
"They came by school a few weeks back, and it was nice that they came by," Kuechly said. "It was good to put a name with a face."
There had been some recent rumblings that Cincinnati was in a good position to land him. And while Kuechly admits it'd be nice to stay close to home, it doesn't sound like he's close to making a final decision any time soon.
"It's neat that they are close," Kuechly said about Cincinnati. "But I just like to keep my options right now. I am not sure how important staying close to home is. I just want a good fit for me. I talk to all schools the same at this point, and I want to feel them out as we move forward with everything."
Kuechly does have a few plans for visits and camps this summer.
"I am going out to Stanford this summer," he said. "I think that would be a neat place to go take a look at. It seems like a good school. Since its so far away that's a school I need to learn about."