Ohio LB staying in state

New Middletown (Ohio) Springfield two-star outside linebacker Nate Schuler has done about everything he can for his team. He plays quarterback, outside linebacker and special teams, but still his senior season is off to an 0-6 start. Still, though, there is a silver lining for the 6-foot-1, 208-pounder.
"I'm committed to Akron," Schuler said. "I have been committed for a little while now, since late August. It just seemed like a good fit. I like the school, and I love the coaches and how they work. I also like how it's not far away. I like that my family will be able to come watch me. I have family up there in Akron, too, so it seemed like the perfect fit."
Akron was Schuler's lone early offer, but other MAC schools were in interested. He said he was recruited by Zip assistant coach Reno Ferri.
"Coach Ferri is a great guy," Schuler said. "His dad used to teach at my school, so he's familiar to what it's like around here. He's real nice and real friendly. He seems like a coach I could really enjoy playing for."
So far on the season despite the record, Schuler has had plenty of success.
"I have thrown for more than 1,000 yards at quarterback," he said.
"I have seven touchdown passes and I have close to 50 tackles. I think I'm definitely more physical than I was last year. I just played free safety last year, and was often unblocked when I got to the football. Now I have to fight through the blockers and get to the ball. I like how I'm playing linebacker. Akron told me they want me either inside or outside, so this season is getting me ready for college ball."