Ohio LB getting good attention

Lancaster, Ohio, linebacker Trevor Griffith is one of the better linebackers in Ohio and judging from the attention he's receiving from schools that's not going to change much as he heads into his senior season.
"I made a list of who all I have gotten stuff from, because I figured you would ask me," he said. "The teams sending me stuff are Illinois, Indiana, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Akron, Princeton, Colorado, Ball State, Eastern Michigan, Bowling Green, Marshall, Ohio, Boise State and Syracuse."
"I've visited Illinois, Indiana and Pittsburgh. I went to Illinois' spring game and then just on visits to Indiana and Pittsburgh. Then I also went to Ohio University and that's probably about it. It's really hard to say which teams lead, but a couple that would definitely be in there are Pittsburgh, Indiana and Marshall."
Was there one school that stood out the most on his visits?
"Well all of them I liked," Griffith, who is 5-foot-10 and 220 pounds, said. "Pittsburgh has a really good program and it seems really solid and fast moving. I like that. The thing is the city is really busy, and I'm not used to that. Indiana is real nice. The town is kind of spread out and the stadium is real nice too."
In 2006, Lancaster was one of the top teams in the state, but they lost in the first round of the state playoffs. After the 10-0 start, he plans on making things even better this upcoming year.
"Last year we went 10-0, and I definitely want to reach that," he said. "I don't see why we shouldn't. I definitely want to go deeper in the playoffs because last year we got a huge head and went into thinking we were going to win and we lost. That definitely can't happen.
"I want to work on my speed and on defense getting to the ball. On offense my running ability needs to be improved. I give 110 percent. I'm always doing something even when I'm not in the play."