Ohio junior could have tough pick

Canton (Ohio) South prospect Devon Torrence is the true definition of an athlete. He closed out his junior football season making the All-Ohio first team. However, football is not the only sport the 6-foot-0, 200 pound athlete excels at.
Torrence closed out his sophomore baseball season on the all-Ohio first team, as well. Many believe he could be a high draft pick in the Major League Baseball draft his senior year. He admits if the money was right, he may make the jump, but he was slow to call baseball his favorite sport.
"I wouldn't say it's my favorite," he said. "It's my favorite during baseball season, but when I'm playing football I feel like football is my favorite. I love both of them a lot. I can't imagine playing one without playing the other."

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That's why when he selects a college destination an important factor in his decision will be whether or not he can play two-sports at the University.
"I have to play both sports," he admitted. "I won't go to a school that only makes me play one sport. I love playing both of them and I want to do that in college, too."
He currently has four schools which he feels would be perfect situations for him in Ohio State, Miami, Florida State and Notre Dame and claims interest in his official offers from Kentucky and Illinois. When it comes down to making a final decision there will be more to it than simply allowing him to play two-sports.
"The people will be important," he admitted. "How they treat me and whether they treat me like more than a player. In a situation where the people I'm around feel like family to me."
Torrence plans to attend camps at Ohio State, Notre Dame, and Nebraska this summer with Florida State and Michigan both remaining possibilities.