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Offers start to pile up for Rose

Following his first offer from Syracuse last month, Amherst, Va. athlete Peter Rose has added five more scholarships bumping his total to six so far.
"I've got offers from Syracuse, Richmond, Marshall, JMU, Navy and Liberty," he said. "I've also scheduled camps to Virginia Tech in July, Wake Forest on June 10th, Liberty the 23rd and Virginia on the 25th."
Rose believes two more schools are getting closer to offering.
"Wake Forest and Virginia Tech are talking about it," he said. "Wake said I look like a scholarship type of kid and they want me to come down and catch some balls. Virginia Tech pretty much has said the same thing; they want to see me first before offering."
Of course, Virginia Tech may slightly be helped by the fact that Rose's teammate, Derrick McCoy is already pledged to the Hokies.
"He's my weight lifting partner and best friend," he said. "He's fighting to get me faster and stronger so I can join him at Tech, but that's not really a factor for me. Of course I'd love to play with him, but we'll see whatever happens."
At this time, the Commonwealth prospect denies a leader.
"I can't really say anyone leads right now because I haven't gotten to know any of the coaching staffs," he said. "I'm just going to be looking for where I feel the most comfortable and I want a good winning program too. I don't have to have a team that's necessarily winning, but the players have to want to win. I'd also like good academics to make sure I have something to back me up in case football doesn't work out."