Offers put Moore on the map

Like his teammate Lennon Creer, wide receiver/cornerback prospect Darnius Moore is quickly becoming a big target in recruiting.
Moore, at 6-foot, 175 pounds, says he prefers to play receiver. Texas A&M, Oklahoma State, and Houston have all offered him at that spot. However, Nebraska offered as well giving him a look at cornerback as well.
"It all came in the last few moths," Moore said. "There were some verbal offers out there that became written ones. They're all good colleges though, but I just don't know which one I'm going to go to."

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Though he won't mention favorites, one school definitely caught him off guard and he made sure to give his recruiting coach a call.
"Texas A&M was surprising," Moore said. "I thought they weren't looking at me. I called coach Jim Bob Helduser and he just wanted me to make a visit this past weekend. I was also supposed to go to the NIKE (Training) Camp, but I couldn't make either one."
Moore also said he spoke with his recruiting coach from Oklahoma State – Joe Wickline.
"He just said they like to have Texas guys come up and play for them," he said.
Though he's getting a look from Nebraska at cornerback along with receiver, Moore says he prefers offense.
"I can do both," he said. "But, I like receiver better with the ball in my hands."
The one thing that Moore says has helped him get to this point is his quiet and humble attitude.
"I don't brag on myself," he said. "That's just my way."
Kansas State and LSU have also been inquiring about Moore and he says they could possibly be the next to offer. He plans to camp at LSU this summer.
"I'll probably make a late decision," he said. "I don't really have a set time though."