Offers picking up for Walls

A light trickling of offers is quickly turning into a waterfall for McDonough (Ga.) Union Grove safety Avery Walls. Walls has spent time at both safety and linebacker during his high school career and though he doesn't have great size for either position, he certainly has everything else you would want and that has got coaches excited.
Recently, Walls has picked up several new offers from major programs and not coincidentally that has coincided with the release of some of his junior film.
"We send out my end of the year film to all the colleges so they all seemed to start having interest in me at about the same time," Walls said. "The family and I are really thankful for all the schools interested in me and offering. Cal, LSU, Mississippi State and Virginia are some of the latest ones."

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Also included among the recent offers for Walls is a new offer from Ole Miss. However, Walls is not even close to limiting his options or naming favorites. He wants to see some of these programs first hand.
"I'm going to keep all my offers the same," he said. "I'm going to look at each and every school that gives me a scholarship offer from LSU to Northwestern. They're all exciting. Some people don't have any offers and for me to have [ten] is really exciting. I'm going to take visits over the summer and throughout the spring to all the schools that have offered me and shown interest."
If offers continue to come in at this pace for Walls, he could be in for a busy offseason for visits. It's not hard to see why the offers are coming. Walls is a hard-hitting, versatile, high-energy player that also is a stand-up personality off of the field and in the classroom. As versatile as he is on and off the field, he has a lot to think about when it comes to picking a program.
"I'm doing some research on academics," he said. "Every school gives great opportunities and education and I just have to find the school that fits me and my family the best and makes us happy."
One school that isn't typically a major player in the state of Georgia that has an interest in Walls is always a major player on the national level: the Texas Longhorns. Rarely will Texas venture outside of its own state for prospects but there has been some mutual interest between Walls and Mack Brown's program.
"Texas offered me to come to their junior day but I wasn't able to make it on that Saturday so we're going to try to come later this spring," he said. "They said they would make a junior day around me whenever I can get up there."
Some of Walls' plans have been hampered by the extreme and rare weather conditions in Georgia. The ice and snow kept him from a planned visit to Florida last Saturday and there have limited his travel schedule.
Though going out hasn't been easy, the mail coming in has still been steady and it likely won't stop.