Offers flood in for 2010 Florida DB

When discussing the top defensive backs in the class of 2010, one of the first names that should be brought up is Miami (Fla.) Southwest cornerback LaMarcus Joyner. He has been performing well on the camp circuit and gathering loads of college attention during this offseason and on Sept. 1, when college coaches were allowed to begin officially offering juniors, Joyner was expecting to get quite a bit of mail.
As it turns out his expectations were right on point.
"I got offers from Florida, Miami, NC State, West Virginia, Tennessee, Ole Miss, Boston College, there's some more written offers that I couldn't even get to," Joyner said. "I was in class and they just kept coming back to back to back but I just had to focus. They all came to my coach's office and two came to my home."

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In all, Joyner is already up to ten written offers and colleges have only had three days available to put offers in his hands. Despite the influx of mail, Joyner expects more to come.
"I was definitely expecting this much to come," he said. "To be honest, I was expecting more. My coach was telling me all types of schools that had said they were going to offer me."
Among the first group of offers, there are a couple schools that stand out to the 5-foot-8, 170-pounder.
"UF and UM and Tennessee all stand out," he said. "I was surprised because I actually didn't know Tennessee was interested in me but all of them get me excited. It's just an honor to be recruited and be offered by these schools."
With offers already in from the Gators and Hurricanes, Joyner is anxiously awaiting an offer from the third member of the state of Florida's big three. In fact, the Seminoles may be in the best shape early for his signature.
"My number one is Florida State," he said. "When I went on the unofficial visit they said they were going to offer me. I'm kind of surprised the letter hasn't come yet. It should come within the next day or so. I actually grew up a Florida State fan. Actually it would be a dream come true to go there."
Whatever major program does land Joyner in the end will be fortunate enough to pick up an immensely talented prospect that has the confidence that hard work breeds. The work that he has put in has not only placed him among the nation's elite at his position but it also has him ready to embrace the pressure that that lofty position brings.
"This summer I was going to summer training, workouts and unofficial visits," he said. "Everything I did was somewhat football related and I mostly spent time getting bigger stronger and faster. I'm excited about the hype because to me it's not hype. I'm just excited to show people that I can live up to the potential."
While, Joyner is looking to play as a freshman in college, that does not mean that he is afraid of competition. In fact, he welcomes it.
"I want to go in and play as a freshman. If they have anyone in my class or the class above me I don't feel like that's competition. I feel that I'm one of the best prospects in the country at my position and I'll go take my spot."
Before his freshman season in college, Joyner will still need to complete his junior season in high school and that season begins on Thursday night against South Dade. It is safe to say that Joyner is ready for the kickoff.
"You just don't know," he said. "I'm just ready to show everybody what I've done in the offseason. I'm going to be everywhere. I'm starting at strong safety on defense and receiver on the offensive side but there's a lot of plays at quarterback and running back that the coach has made for me. I just can't explain how excited I am."
That kind of talent combined with that kind of enthusiasm might not be too exciting for opposing offenses.