Offers finding Haltom WR

There are big wide receivers and then there is Haltom (Texas) prospect Jeremy Brent who at 6-foot-5, 200 pounds is about has built as they come.
Schools such as Kansas State, Houston, Missouri, Oklahoma State and Washington State apparently are already in the know with the talented young man putting offers on the table for him. Then programs such as Mississippi State and Oklahoma State could be close behind.
"I think it's probably because I'm big and I can make big plays during the game situation," Brent said. "It's also probably my ability to run shorter routes seeing that I'm a bigger guy out there."
Brent took part in the Adidas 7-on-7 tournament at the University of Tennessee and helped his team earn the second overall spot in the competition. Houston was also a camp stop for the top Texas talent, but what's next is anybody's guess.
"Over the summer, I'm not real sure to be honest," he said. "I'm probably not going to take any more trips this summer. I know for sure I'm going to Kansas State and I've already been to OSU before, so I may go back there."
"I don't know about anywhere else at the moment."
Brent racked up over 1,000 yards receiving during his junior campaign and looks to play multiple spots during the fall football season for Haltom.