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Offers continue for Merrell twins

Delaware twins Jamil Merrell and Jamal Merrell are a dynamic duo on the East Coast. The fraternal twins are both studs for Newark (Dela.) Hodgson Vo-Tech and both are nearly surpassing double-digit scholarships.
"My most recent offers are from Iowa, Florida State, Syracuse and Connecticut," Jamal said. "Georgia is coming in to visit us this week.
"The ones that stick out to me are Florida State, West Virginia, Tennessee and Rutgers. Jamil and I are both interested in those. They are good programs and good schools."
Jamal mentioned both plan to visit a few schools this summer.
"We're going to Rutgers and Maryland. We plan on going to Florida State, Tennessee and maybe West Virginia. We'll probably have a favorite school after visiting those over the summer."
Jamil chimed in on his recruiting.
"My latest offers are from NC State, Iowa, Syracuse and Florida State," he said. "I know Boise State and Georgia are coming in.
"I'm just taking it all in right now. I'm not thinking about favorites until it gets closer to my senior year. I've got another year of football left."
While he wouldn't confirm the same favorites, both seem set on playing together at the next level.
"We're going to play together," Jamal said. "I like it, it's fun and different. We've got that extra connection on the field. He knows where I'll be and I know where he is. We want to take that to the next level."
Jamil added.
"We've been playing together since we were six," he said. "I like it because if someone gets past me, I'm sure he'll be there. He makes my job easier. I actually remember one play where I tipped a pass and he caught it.
"I would love to play together with Jamal. That'd be real big to have him there with me. He helps keep me levelheaded and in check. That would be the best thing in life to keep playing with him."
Both players went on to discuss what they are looking for in a college.
"We're looking for a good school, a good all-around college," Jamal said. "I want a good learning atmosphere with.
"I want really good people, somewhere I can't get into trouble," Jamil said. "I just want to be around nice people and a good learning experience."