Offers coming in for Sasser

Jacksonville (Fla.) Wolfson athlete Jasper Sasser is a player that can contribute in a number of ways.
"A lot of schools are looking at me as a safety but others are also looking at me as a running back or receiver," Sasser said. "I just want to play wherever I can contribute on the team the most. I prefer offense but if the coach wants me to play defense, then I will dedicate my time to defense."
Sasser claims offers from Clemson, Florida International, Massachusetts, North Carolina State, Ole Miss, South Carolina, South Florida, and Southern Miss. Sasser also reports heavy interest from North Carolina.

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Early on, five stand out to the Sunshine State prospect.
"I like Clemson, South Carolina, North Carolina, North Carolina State, and USF," Sasser said. "Those are my top choices right now. I am looking at them heavily."
The 6-foot-2, 185-pound prospect is in regular communication with a number of coaches.
"I talk to a lot of the recruiting coaches," Sasser said. "I have been to Clemson and I have a good relationship with South Florida and North Carolina State now. I have just been talking with several different colleges."
The only visit that Sasser has taken was one to Clemson this past summer.
"Everybody up there works hard and gives 100%," Sasser said of Clemson. "They have a real good environment."
He is now working to schedule visits to check out a number of other schools.
"I am working on setting up several visits," Sasser said. "I want to go visit every college I can to see the different atmospheres and the different choices that I have. I just want to find the one where I am the most comfortable to be around."
He isn't working with a specific timeline for making a decision.
"I think I will make my decision by the end of this football season," Sasser said. "I just want to see what other offers come along before I start making a decision."
In addition to playing football, Sasser also plays basketball for Wolfson.